glass replacement

glass replacement


Our services for commercial glass are just as professional as our services for households.

We take into account the structure of your building and the best ways to get out in case of an emergency.

We can install glass, windows, and doors to make your space feel bigger.

Our glass and window repair company has had to replace a lot of broken glass.

This helps us get ready for any damage our customers need fixed and do it right.

No matter how big or small a residential glass repair project is, there are differences and limits that our team is aware of.

For example, when replacing a window, you need to figure out the size of the frame, the type of glass, and the different ways you can finish it. A window keeps you safe from the weather outside and insulates your home.

Your glass window should be of the highest quality to make sure it lasts and should be installed by a professional repair company to keep your heating and cooling costs low.

Call CR Windows & Doors in Hayward, California, if you need high-quality glass repair from the best window repair company in the area.


We have experts who know how to install and fix glass and can do the job quickly and carefully.

For window and glass repair, our technicians choose the right glass based on how easy it is to maintain, how well it fits, how it looks, and how easy it is to clean.